We recruit, develop and advise software company leaders who effectively manage the challenge to innovate, improve reliability and service and keep pace with the industry’s rapid-fire growth.

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​​​​As the global market matures into a fully digital environment, a pivot away from traditional technology is occurring at a whirlwind pace. Driven by new consumption models, software companies are transforming from delivering complex products to providing easier-to-use applications, which can be deployed on-premise or offered as a service in the cloud. Additionally, businesses that previously had little to do with technology are digitizing their products and services with software to deliver more value to customers.
The traditional software boundaries are bleeding into consumer markets with the proliferation of BYOD and consumerization of enterprise-class software solutions. As the software industry experiences this transformation, there is a shift in the way organizations, businesses and individuals work and interact. Software’s impact on the global economy and across multiple industries is evident through the intensification of innovation, technological advancement, heightened efficiency and uptick in global interconnectivity. 

We have software expertise in the following areas:
  • Accounting
  • Business Intelligence
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Suites
  • Human Resources
  • Mobile Platforms and Applications:
    • Includes software layers, which enable the mobile ecosystem, at every level, from software defined networking all the way up to the consumer application layer
  • Vertical, Industry-Specific Software Solutions
We also have expertise in infrastructure software, which serves as the backbone for the way the information we receive, send and consume is transmitted. Recently, in a push to create more flexible and adaptable infrastructure, software is abstracted from the underlying hardware. Through this disintegration at the infrastructure layer, we are seeing storage, networking, security, data center and compute power operate in an environment wholly managed by software.​
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