Social Justice and Advocacy

We work with and for global movements and organizations to recruit, develop and advise leadership that changes the world.

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We understand the intersection of influence, research, and policy and the means by which movements are built or refreshed through digital channels, grassroots network activation, evidence-based advocacy, and thought leadership.  Recognized as a leader across movements as diverse as their membership, our Social Justice and Advocacy Practice has developed a reputation for thoughtful and strategic recruitment, assessment, and onboarding of executive and board talent. Our expertise includes human and civil rights, economic justice, LGBTQ civil rights, racial justice, healthcare disparities and access, consumer protection, housing, labor, immigration, democracy and governance, the environment, and education reform, as well as criminal justice. Our clients endeavor to change hearts and minds, and policy – and we partner to help them recruit leadership that changes the world.

Leading through Transformation and Ensuring Diversity​

The pattern and pace of social change is profoundly accelerating.  Digital networks have simultaneously sky-rocketed and disrupted the traditional membership organization.Leaders must navigate through the changing environment while ensuring an institution's strategic relevance.  We also challenge our clients to develop senior teams that reflect the diversity of the people they serve.​​

Trusted Advisor​

We have become a trusted advisor who understands the essential leadership qualities for any given role and who also is attuned to nuances of constituency engagement and the significance of political context. We are committed to providing dedicated and discrete service to each and every one of our clients—ensuring that the recruitment and leadership advisory processes are successful in meeting each organization’s unique needs.​

Human and Civil Rights

We recruit, develop and advise leaders who fight for fundamental rights and equality.​

Whether rule of law, free expression, protection from discrimination, fair trial, choice or civil protection, our clients operate at the intersection of evidence-based advocacy and public education, law and policy, and direct service provision—ensuring access, equality and protection for all.

Economic Justice​

We recruit, develop and advise leaders who strive on behalf of enterprising people to ensure equal access to markets, capital and benefits.​

With the right leaders in place, our clients are able to improve people’s lives around the world by seeking research and development solutions to deliver access to markets; innovate upon institutional or network infrastructure; and support policy, analysis and advocacy. Whether it is enterprise or agricultural development or microfinance, our diverse clients enable access for all.

Education Reform​

We recruit, develop and advise leaders who seek to close the achievement gap, provide access to high quality schools, and who are committed to solving education’s most relentless and complex problems.​

Whether they are major funders, practitioners, advocates, influencers or program implementers, we help our clients in their pursuit of enhancing public education through market competition and charter schools, parental empowerment, choice or greater efficacy and focus.​


We recruit, develop and advise​ leaders dedicated to achieving measurable change in improving and sustaining the environment.​

Our clients are dedicated to protecting and restoring our world's natural resources, oceans, water and wildlife. Whether we are working with leading philanthropic institutions or environmental action organizations, we help our clients in their pursuit of ensuring a healthy planet populated by sustainable communities.​​​​
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Social Justice and Advocacy