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​Education is undergoing seismic transformation due to innovative technologies, evolving regulations, updated funding models, and a whole set of changed student behaviors and types of learners. This movement is having a profound impact on talent needs with today’s leadership positions requiring entirely new capabilities and an emphasis on talent with backgrounds from areas such as media, consumer, technology and gaming. 
We have a strong track record in leadership advisory services for boards of directors, chief executive officers, chief operating officers, chief technology officers and chief marketing officers for a diverse client base, including Fortune 500 companies, leading content or technology providers, private equity or venture capital-backed entities, and for-profit and nonprofit education providers.​​


We recruit, develop and advise leaders who enable the creation, distribution and consumption of education for technology companies.

Traditional models of learning and content delivery are evolving as competition in the sector intensifies. Technological advancements such as cloud computing, mobile, big data and analytics, along with a greater focus on student outcomes, are resulting in innovative ways of learning and teaching, from kindergarten to college and continuous learning.

Education Content

We recruit, develop and advise leaders who can drive the evolution of business models and product offerings and expand into untested areas of content.

“Learn by doing” is the latest mantra in education, with the traditional “sage on the stage” approach increasingly being replaced by interactive, personalized, collaborative experiences that embrace “bring your own device.” With greater emphasis on competency-based learning, outcomes and analytics, established educational publishers and content providers are seeking other capabilities to drive movement into adjacent markets.

For-Profit Learning Providers

We recruit, develop and advise leaders who can thrive in a high-profile landscape that is becoming more complex.

In the face of intensified regulatory scrutiny and continued market uncertainty, for-profit education providers have launched a wave of innovative products and services centered on an outcomes-focused, competency-based learning approach that also blends online learning with classroom education. Capitalizing on the growing demand for personalized curricula, this includes everything from short-term learning, immersion and experiential programs to interactive, peer-to-peer instruction and project work. Online learning has attracted vast numbers of non-traditional, first-time and continuous students looking to bridge the employability skills gap.​

Nonprofit Learning Providers

We recruit, develop and advise leaders who have the ability to understand the legacy environment and who can anticipate and capitalize on further change.

The need for new leadership roles especially is acute in the nonprofit, higher education sector. These institutions are rethinking traditional delivery models and are identifying other sources of revenue such as online and alternative learning products or expansion into additional markets. We recruit, develop and advise leaders with the capabilities required to explore and initiate a vast array of ventures, partnerships and products.​
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