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We recruit, develop and advise executives who are able to adapt to the rapidly evolving cultural and technological landscapes within the media and entertainment industries.

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Unprecedented shifts are disrupting the consumer digital, media and entertainment world, creating a highly volatile environment. Managing these new market dynamics requires a unique set of competencies and, often, a change in organizational culture. We recruit and assess executives who understand the power of the consumer and can develop appropriate distribution channels, partnerships, content and services that cross among traditional silos and support the establishment of successful business models.​​

Digital Commerce Trends

We work with clients to recruit, develop and advise digital talent.

We advise leading digital, media and entertainment companies about catalyst roles that have emerged to accelerate transformation. We also find and assess digital talent, including in e-commerce and m-commerce, across multi-channel and pure-play digital retailers for traditional and emerging businesses.​

Digital Media and Social

We recruit, develop and advise leaders who are adept at disseminating information and orchestrating new methodologies.

Digital media and social companies are at the forefront of producing compelling content and ways to connect with the consumer. We advise these companies on leadership at the intersection of traditional media, digital, social media and emerging content-driven business.

Traditional Media

We know the leaders who can navigate change and win.

Traditional media has been transformed by digital opportunities. Consumer publishing, TV and business information all are being challenged by innovative technologies, entrants and business models. We work closely with traditional media companies to help them enter into this new phase of disruption and transformation.


We recruit, develop and advise leaders who understand user experience.

The explosion of casual games has offered challenges and opportunities to traditional and startup gaming companies alike. More broadly, the “gamification” of user experiences is sweeping through a range of industries.​​
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Digital, Media and Entertainment