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We recruit, develop and advise nimble, forward-thinking business leaders who understand what consumers want.

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Working in partnership with consumer products companies, from family-owned businesses to public multinationals, we advise consumer products clients on recruiting, developing and advising leaders with the vision and ability to meet the changing dynamics brought on by evolving marketplaces, digital transformation, heightened competition, retail consolidation and global expansion. Our consultants have hands-on experience, having worked for many of the world’s premier consumer products and services companies, specifically those focused on:
  • Household and Personal Goods
  • Food and Beverages
  • Beauty
  • Consumer Durables
  • Consumer Healthcare​​

Leading through Digital Transformation

We recruit, develop and advise outstanding leaders who can successfully lead transformative change in this new digital age.

Consumer products companies have entered an era of change and transformation in which leaders must be adept at identifying and seizing opportunities to get first-mover advantage. Leaders must be able to navigate through the changing environment and govern across sprawling institutions.

Changes in Developed Markets

We recruit, develop and advise forward-thinking leaders.

​Consumer products companies in developed markets are facing dynamic changes in the marketplace. We understand that digital disruption, shifting channels and streamlined supply chain strategies require certain leadership. We work with clients on recruiting, assessing and retaining this talent.

Emerging Markets

We recruit, develop and advise leaders who meet the complex challenges and realities of emerging markets.

Driven by the need for agility and lean operations, consumer products companies have oscillated between centralized and decentralized structures—placing emphasis on collaboration across silos. Simultaneously, regional and local leadership is navigating the push and pull between brand and market orientation to ensure local relevance. Our fully integrated global team understands regional implications, has in-depth knowledge, and has access to international, regional and local talent pools.

Diversity and Inclusion

We recruit, develop and advise leaders from a broad talent pool, giving clients a competitive edge.

We place diversity and inclusion at the forefront of our recruitment and leadership advisory strategies. This ensures that consumer products companies are able to build a diverse and inclusive leadership team so that they thrive both internally and outwardly in the markets they serve. ​
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Consumer Products