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We build leadership teams for the future by supporting clients across investment, distribution and functional roles.

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Investment Leadership

We recruit, develop and advise leaders who can deliver targeted investment outcomes.

The search for alpha, smart beta, active vs. passive and liability management are just some of the challenges faced by asset managers today. We understand the needs of investors, as well as issues faced in the development of innovative products and solutions that create a competitive advantage.

Emerging Markets

We understand local markets and talent, which gives us a keen ability to recruit, develop and advise leaders who can capture opportunities in emerging markets.

Long-term high growth in emerging markets continues to present investment opportunities. We have a strong track record of advising clients across emerging regions such as Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

Investment Solutions

We help clients develop and build specialized product teams.

Our clients understand the need to innovate and offer solutions-based products. We help them on that journey, supporting the development of specialized investment, product and sales teams.​

​Alternative Investments​

We assist clients in building and institutionalizing alternative investments.

We support our asset management clients in building best-of-breed alternative investment capabilities across the spectrum of liquid and illiquid strategies. We also help our alternative investment management clients institutionalize their businesses further; our work in this space spans investments, distribution and functional experts.


We recruit, develop and advise leaders who create differentiated digital propositions.

Innovative, disruptive solutions are needed to capture the attention of both retail and institutional investors. The retail segment, in particular, has seen special efforts, including the creation of dedicated customer experience officers and the evolution of the chief marketing officer role.

Data and Analytics

We recruit, develop and advise leaders who create a competitive advantage through advanced data analytics solutions.

Sophisticated investors are increasingly using new technologies and advanced data analytics to provide additional insight and to gain market advantage. At the same time, mining customer data to target sales and product offerings, which allows a more client-centric product development process, is on the rise. Both require a different kind of thought and business leadership.

Best-in-Class Sales and Distribution

We recruit, develop and advise leaders who link product offerings to client demands and exceed investor expectations.

The institutional investment market is fast changing, with investors scaling down the number of relationships while expecting more from their providers. Meanwhile, wholesale, insurance, wealth and retail markets are growing in sophistication and importance for asset managers. We recognize that excellence in distribution and product management is critical to success in this highly nuanced market.

Asset Owners

We find leaders who can deliver best long-term results.

Asset owners come with many goals, including liability matching, long-term savings and stabilization. Irrespective of their overarching targets, we understand that they are interested in the best talent and superior governance. ​
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