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We work with leading companies around the globe to recruit for, develop,  advise and shape digitally savvy, transformative leadership teams.

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​​​Digital technologies, which include mobile devices, social media platforms, cloud, big data and analytics, are giving birth to disruptive, high-growth organizations. These companies are rewriting the rules in well-established industry sectors, which is creating a demand for new kinds of leaders who are comfortable with emerging technologies and business models. Our consultants work with entrepreneurial startups, as well as large, global corporations undergoing transformation and change. We bring expertise in the following areas: ​

Digital Platforms and Technology

We understand what is “possible” and how it can be applied to large organizations. 

We work with some of the most high-growth and disruptive digital companies and have access to talent who understand next-generation platforms and business models. 

Industry Experience 

We advise major industry sectors on digital transformation. 

We work with all major industries, including the early adopters in consumer, financial services and technology, as well as rapidly developing sectors, including education, healthcare, industrial and nonprofit. We understand that digital transformation is playing out differently in various industries and is close to the issues that boards and CEOs care about in their respective markets. 

Functional Expertise 

We bring functional experts with a focus on digital and cybersecurity.

We have developed specialty practices in emerging areas such as digital board directors, chief digital officers, chief information security officers and chief analytics officers. We also understand that digital is becoming a core competency in most business functions, ranging from marketing to technology to human resources. 

Assessment and Succession Planning 

We work closely with boards and management teams on succession planning, assessment, culture, and leadership transformation. 

We have developed proprietary tools–and date focused partnerships–that enable us to assess teams and organizations on their digital readiness and ability to drive transformation and change.​


How to Hire Data-Driven Leaders

Companies are restructuring leadership across the board to deal with data, analytics and digital.

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