Customer-Centric Growth Leaders

We advise companies on customer-centric, go-to-market leadership roles, such as Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Customer Officers, Chief Experience Officers, Chief Growth Officers, Chief Digital Officers, Chief Commercial Officers and more.

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Customers and consumers across every industry are more in control than ever before. With unlimited access to information via digital tools, consumers’ expectations exceed what most companies can deliver upon. With the ability to compare every Price, Promotion, Placement and Product instantly (“The 4 P’s”), consumers have made it challenging for companies to quickly differentiate their brands and businesses from the competition. Furthermore, our data tells us that over 70 percent of CEOs expect their customers’ needs to change at an even faster pace over the next three years.

Companies Must Seek Customer Understanding

Organizations must recruit, develop and retain customer-centric leaders capable of driving change across new business models and organizational structures.

Every business, both B2C and B2B, must find new ways to "activate" their customers in order to "grow" their business. Go-to-market leadership now requires "4 New P's" to engage consumers – Personalization, Participation, Proliferation, Persuasion – and this requires a new type of leader that can activate and grow today’s fast-moving customer.

To advise our clients during this market transformation, Russell Reynolds Associates has launched a global practice called Customer Activation and Growth. Our global consultants can help your c-suite become more “customer-centric” by helping you hire today’s and tomorrow’s go-to-market leaders – including, but not limited to Chief Marketing, Chief Customer, Chief Growth, Chief Experience, Chief Commercial Officers and more.

We have the knowledge and experience to address how customer-centric disruption is affecting your go-to-market capabilities and the relevant market talent.

Activate Customers at the Intersection of Digital Transformation

For companies to effectively activate their customers, technology enablement and go-to-market strategy must work hand-in-hand.

Companies tend to rely on technology to meet disruption, but are quickly realizing that is not enough. Historically, companies succeed when their go-to-market functions work seamlessly together, such as collaborative teams across sales, marketing and digital. More complex integration is required today, where go-to-market and technology functions must effortlessly partner to ensure a frictionless end-to-end customer journey.

We advise organizations on the crossroads of go-to-market & technology to give them the tools necessary to understand their customers inside and out. The leaders we recruit know how to integrate and break down silos between sales, marketing, digital, product, and technology.

Customer Activation 

Elevating Customer-Centricity to the Board

Ensuring customer-focused leaders are present in the boardroom to guide organizations on how to react to this disruption is paramount to long-term success.

With unlimited access to technology, customers are more in control of their decision-making, enabling them to be steps ahead of the companies that serve th​em.

Our research tells us that over 80 percent of CEOs think that their business model is at risk yet only 40 percent of C-suite leaders believe they know their customers "very well." As a result, growth-oriented marketers and customer-centric leaders have a more urgent mandate in the C-suite and Boardroom than ever before.

Here to Help: A Global Team of Customer-Centric Consultants

Our 20+ consultants span the globe and bring relevant global and local insights that meet customer-centric challenges.

We work with every type of company that needs to drive a more customer-centric agenda. Whether venture-backed startups, private equity organizations, family run businesses or Fo​rtune 500 companies, we can provide valuable insights into the emerging trends and business challenges in today’s customer-centric world.

Visit our find a consultant page to talk to one of our customer-centricity experts today!

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Customer-Centric Growth Leaders