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Career TransitionsSuccession PlanningBoard and CEO AdvisoryCEO SuccessionBoard Effectiveness
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April 18, 2017
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Career TransitionsSuccession PlanningBoard and CEO AdvisoryCEO SuccessionBoard Effectiveness

Board and CEO Advisory Partners

After working with the Board through a successful CEO succession process, the Board wanted to do an in-depth assessment with the goal of building a world-class Board. The former CEO did not have a strong relationship with the family owners and thus they focused on clearly defining roles and implementing sustainable processes to have a higher level of impact to become a high-performing Board.

Board & CEO Advisory Services Utilized

Leadership / Performance / Culture / Talent


Board Survey

  • Conducted a customized Board survey to pinpoint the perspectives of the Board vs. Management across key areas of board effectiveness

Deep-Dive Interviews with Family & Advisors

  • Based on the results of the survey, conducted in-depth interviews with each Board member and key stakeholders to assess current strengths, development areas and potential opportunities for improvement

External Benchmarking

  • Benchmarked the Board’s structure and composition against a 5-company peer group to better understand current skill set and gaps

Co-Development of Sustainable Board Processes

  • Worked with the Board to co-create a sustainable onboarding plan for new directors, a repeatable multi-year self-assessment process and to define the ongoing roles of the family and advisors that aligned with the long-term strategy

CEO Search & Selection (Prior work)

  • External search for CEO led by the Board and family


Defined Board Advisor & Family Roles

  • The Board took steps to clarify the strategy-focused purpose, duties, responsibilities, and expectation of the Board and clarifying roles & responsibilities of family Trustees

Onboarding & Assessment Process

  • Established a multiyear feedback system that the company can continue to use, as well as an onboarding plan for new Board members

Board Effectiveness & Succession

  • ​The Board aligned on actionable recommendations to become a high-performing Board, including a five-year succession plan aligned with a robust Board composition strategy