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What are the greatest threats to business health in the UK in 2022?


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The availability of key talent/skills will put UK leadership to the test in the year ahead.

In a challenging labor market, 69% of UK leaders cited the availability of key talent/skills as the most pressing threat (from a list of 20 threats) to organizational health over the next 12 to 18 months.

Top four threats to organizational health over the next 12-18 months (UK)*

01 Availability of key talent/skills

02 Geopolitical uncertainty

03 Uncertain economic growth

04 Technological change

*Rank of issues based on % of leaders selecting item as top 5 issue from list of 20
RRA 2022 Global Leadership Monitor

Geopolitical instability is also top of mind, no doubt fueled by the war in Ukraine, with 50% of UK leaders citing this as a concern.

To understand more about the scale of the challenges ahead, we surveyed 195 UK CEOs, board directors, CxOs, and next-gen leaders.

  • The preparedness of leaders to face looming talent risks.
  • The proportion leaders who would move employer for the right opportunity.
  • The top reasons leaders are willing to move employers.
  • The key business concerns resulting from the war in Ukraine.
  • The specific actions leaders can take to mitigate talent and geopolitical threats.


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