AI and Leadership

Artificial Intelligence has opened up a realm of opportunities and challenges. Leaders are moving at pace to implement this emerging technology.


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AI is changing the business landscape at pace, especially as the exponential growth of Gen AI breaks down barriers and puts this technology in the hands of the masses.

It’s a high-stakes moment for organizations and those who lead them. As we’ve seen so far in the age of technology, early adoption is key to staying ahead of the curve. So, how do you capture the opportunity and avoid being left behind?

It’s not just about adopting the right technology. It’s ensuring you have the right leaders with the right capabilities to drive AI adoption and implementation at scale.


GenAI and Leadership: Emerging skills gaps

GenAI is this year’s buzziest new technology and leaders are fast realizing that GenAI is here to stay. But, how equipped are they to embrace change?

We spoke to leaders to find out where they are in their GenAI implementation journey—and what actions they are taking today to be better prepared for tomorrow.

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72 %

of leaders think a strong understanding of GenAI will be a key skill for future CxOs

32 %

of leaders are confident they have the right skills to implement GenAI in their organization

55 %

of leaders say that knowledge and expertise was a barrier to GenAI implementation


Hear from our experts about GenAI’s impact on leadership, and how leaders can harness its potential to gain a competitive edge.


How to navigate the GenAI leap

Our research reveals five key learnings for leading into an GenAI-driven future. But how do organizations develop a strategic AI roadmap tailored to their unique needs and objectives? These are some of the key questions you should be asking.

Talent and culture

Is there a sufficient level of AI understanding at the right levels of the organization?


Who is the overall leader responsible for overseeing and guiding the organization's AI initiatives?

Organizational structure

How does the adoption of generative AI impact our current organizational structure?

Commercial strategies

As we embrace AI technologies, how does our commercial strategy need to change?

Risk management

Does the company have adequate technology, legal, and compliance functions to mitigate risks associated with generative AI?

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How we help leaders harness Gen-AI’s potential

To successfully adopt and integrate AI, organizations need visionary leaders who are equipped to assess the current state of play and lead the journey forward toward AI maturity. We help leaders understand their vision for their business in five years—before devising a strategic roadmap to help you hit your goals.

We’re well-versed in guiding organizations through change. Whether it’s finding leaders who can fast-track AI implementation, or advising organizations on how to align your top team to pilot new projects, and embrace a culture of innovation, our leadership advisors will help you look to the future with confidence.


Meet our Gen-AI leadership experts

Fawad Bajwa
AI Practice Leader

Fawad is committed to helping organizations embrace the opportunities of AI and digital transformation. Jointly based in New York and Toronto, Fawad works with publicly listed companies, as well as growth companies backed by private equity and venture capital in the Financial Services, Healthcare and Technology sectors.