To put ESG into practice, governance professionals must include the topic in the business vision
Sustainable LeadershipSustainability
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November 11, 2020
Sustainable LeadershipSustainability
Experts say the time has passed when companies had only one technician dedicated to issues related to the environmental or social agenda; today, what is sought is to incorporate these themes in all areas of the company


The Terra article, “To put ESG into practice, governance professionals must include the topic in the business vision," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Mariane Montana on how Brazilian companies should be thinking about ESG and sustainability in a more holistic way than they have historically. A translated excerpt of the article is below. 

ESG practices, which refer to the environmental, social and corporate governance aspects of a company, are gaining increasing prominence in the global economic scenario, being seen as a path to sustainable development. The pandemic highlighted the theme even more, which had been gaining prominence in Brazil already in the years before the emergence of the new coronavirus. Companies with good ESG practices had better results during the crisis, which contributed to an increase in interest in the subject. But how should ESG be implemented within the company and who should be responsible for these practices? 


Mariane Montana, consultant at Russell Reynolds Associates, comments on how the profile of professionals working with sustainability has changed in recent years. "In Brazil, historically, you had a much more technical employee profile. Within the industrial space, for example, this role might have looked at the environmental aspects of waste. Now the role is gaining prominence in companies and a demand is growing for a very strategic profile. Someone who really connects sustainability to the business strategy. This is a journey that will have to be adopted and embraced by the entire leadership team," explains the expert. 

"Now any leader needs to have a sustainable mentality. And we are talking about a systemic and much more holistic view of the business. The leader should think beyond the company, think about how they can partner to positively impact the entire environment, the community where they operate, customers and even employees," details the Russell Reynolds consultant.​ 

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