Technology manager revamped by Covid-19
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June 19, 2020
Technology and InnovationTransformation InnovationTechnology, Data, and Digital
The Convergência Digital article, "Technology manager revamped by Covid-19," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Marcio Gadaleta​ on how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted technology leadership roles. A translated excerpt of the article is below.

Convergência Digital

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced drastic changes on the way we work and the technology managers - CIO, Chief Compliance Officer and especially the Chief Transformation Officer, at the forefront of the digital business - have gained importance in leading the business process, says Russell Reynolds Associates consultant and professor of graduate studies at the Polytechnic School/University of São Paulo, Márcio Gadaleta, in an interview with Convergência Digital.


According to him, businesses have had to be very quick to handle the crisis. “It was either change or die. Technology turned into survival. It had to work,” says Gadaleta. Chief Security Officers, or Directors of Information Security and Chief Supply Chain Officers, who are responsible for Logistics, have also turned up.

“The crisis has shown that we need executives who can cope with adversity. If you plan too much, it's very difficult to manage in an exceptional situation,” Gadaleta recalls. An essential point in this revamping of the technology manager was empathy. “You couldn't think of the company alone. Thinking about the employee was a must. Confinement is a situation that is out of the norm. The executive had to make quick decisions thinking about the present, without losing sight of the future,” he adds.


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