Russell Reynolds searches for bosses like Macron
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The Challenges article, “Russell Reynolds searches for bosses like Macron ,” discussed Russell Reynolds Associates predictive analysis approach to choosing candidates. The article below. 


We spoke with American Clarke Murphy, CEO of Russell Reynolds, a headhunting firm with offices in some 30 countries—of which Paris is an important bridgehead. “We have a lot of hope in Macron,” he said. Indeed, the qualities of a great manager correspond to those of the French President: “A command of execution, agility and quick reactions for communications and decision-making. They also have to have a bit of [Roman god] Jupiter in them.” 

But these Jupiter-like candidates going through Russell Reynolds must undergo a battery of tests shaped by “predictive analysis”. Incidentally, the French come out well with “their international mobility and capacity to manage complexity”. The challenges for great managers today? “Cybersecurity and—above all—diversity and inclusion.” An entire department at Russell Reynolds, with 24 organizational psychologists, has been founded to help multinationals become proactive in this area. Political correctness is a trend, but it also represents a business opportunity as we help align “employees and consumers”.