Quiet leadership is gaining ground
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July 26, 2018
Leadership StrategiesLeadershipBoard and CEO AdvisoryExecutive SearchTeam Effectiveness


The CincoDias article, “Quiet leadership is gaining ground," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Ramón Gómez de Olea and featured the firm's research, "Beyond the Corner Office: Leadership in a Multi-Company Ecosystem." An excerpt of the article, translated from the original Spanish, is below. 

Big corporations unanimously agree that a chief executive officer's personality has a direct impact on the success of senior management. Therefore, in selection processes, corporations have always focused on ensuring that candidates who occupy executive positions conform to the idea of a loud, or strong, personality: energetic, charismatic, influential and passionate. 

There has been a tendency to sideline, or overlook, quieter traits, such as humility, pragmatism and the ability to listen. Russell Reynolds Associates, a firm specializing in finding, assessing and counseling top management, has undertaken research in collaboration with Hogan Assessments on more than 1,000 executives. The research emphasizes the importance of these quieter traits, though they're different from those of the stereotypical CEO, and which, it maintains, will be crucial for leading the organizations of the future. 

"Failures in senior management are the result of personality problems, therefore we carried out a wide ranging analysis using big data to identify a series of characteristics that allows us to predict the potential for success of executives who sit on the management board," explains Ramón Gómez de Olea, the head of Russell Reynolds in Spain. 

Traditionally, he continues, when an organization decides to promote someone to a management position, it focuses on the most visible or loudest skill set. "We are used to rewarding personalities that are risk-taking, disruptive, forceful and heroic, with excellent capacity to inspire and motivate people when talking publicly," he explains. 

The entire article in its original Spanish can be found here.