Progressing the Leadership Journey
Career TransitionsLeadershipDevelopment and Transition
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Career TransitionsLeadershipDevelopment and Transition

​Adela Yang from the Russell Reynolds Associates’ Executive Assessment sector in Shanghai, gave the keynote speech at Fudan University Business School Blue Ink Open Day this past December. The program provides a platform for people in the workplace to gain additional knowledge and insights to benefit their professional life. Fudan University, based in Shanghai, is one of the top universities in China and a key GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) member school.

The speech, “Progressing the Leadership Journey,” focused on a series of transitions along the leadership ladder, and how each transition to the next level represents a key leadership passage that not everyone manages successfully. Adela explained how success at each level depends not only on mastering the challenges of the previous role, but also in making the mental switch necessarily to rise to the different set of challenges and expectations of the next one. She also discussed how old thinking, values, and attributes may become issues for reaching the next level and that failure to leave them behind will block one from moving forward on the leadership journey.

The speech was very well received by the audience and they described the presentation as both practical and insightful to understanding what it takes to successfully make it through leadership transitions. Learn more about the Leadership​ Assessment practice at Russell Reynolds Associates.

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