Personality tests: Should your company use them?
Assessment and Benchmarking
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July 25, 2019
Assessment and Benchmarking
personality tests are a valuable tool for companies.

The Economist

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​The Economist's Executive Education Navigator article, “Personality tests: Should your company use them?" quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Anthony Abbatiello on why he thinks personality tests are a valuable tool for companies. The article is excerpted below. 

Job candidates and employees have unique personalities, traits and behaviours. Some of these traits could determine if these individuals would fit in well with your company’s culture, and if they would be successful within your organisation. Job interviews can only tell you so much about a person, and personality tests are sometimes viewed as an important piece of the puzzle. 

But are personality tests a good way to assess job candidates and employees? 

Even among experts, there seems to be no clear consensus. 

Anthony Abbatiello, who leads global leadership and succession at Russell Reynolds Associates, is in favour of personality tests. 

“Personality tests can offer invaluable insights on external candidates, providing objective and scientifically-valid explanations of individuals’ thinking style, behavioural tendencies, values and motivations,” he says. “They are also useful to better understand existing employees who are being considered for a different role, or as part of an ongoing internal development program.” 

But he says it’s important to select the right type of testing, and to ensure the people interpreting the results are appropriately trained. 

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