Observations on Inclusive Cultures: Inclusion Starts with “I”
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May 05, 2018
DEIDiversityDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory
AMA Quarterly published a bylined article by Russell Reynolds Associates Consultants Jamie Hechinger and Amy Hayes titled “Observations on Inclusive Cultures: Inclusion Starts with ‘I.’” The article features the firm’s research, "Diversity and Inclusion Pulse: 2017 Leader’s Guide" and "Diversity and Inclusion #GameChangers." The article is excerpted below.

American Management Association

When shown research that identifies the importance of the role leaders play in advancing diversity and inclusion (D&I), senior executives are, unsurprisingly, unsurprised. Most understand that D&I strategies are a necessary step toward future-proofing their businesses. Some have appointed D&I experts to lead the charge. But after the tone has been set and the budget allotted, many are still failing to take an active role in the process of enacting change. 

Our conversations with D&I #GameChangers have shown that standout leaders think of D&I as a holistic, long-term, and organizational-level effort. They envision D&I as a journey, rather than an end goal. And like all transformational journeys, this one is nuanced and nonlinear and comes with the need to be inclusive and open, yet unwavering and insistent. 

Leaders must be able to embody what may be perceived as competing competencies spanning across the continuums of heroic yet vulnerable, disruptive yet pragmatic, and galvanizing yet connective leadership. The ability to span not only differentiates the leaders themselves but also their effectiveness in transforming cultures and institutions. 

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