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Suzanne Bose-Mallick (née Morrison)


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Suzanne Bose-Mallick (née Morrison)
Suzanne Bose-Mallick (née Morrison)




Suzanne Bose-Mallick (née Morrison)

​Suzanne Bose-Mallick is a member of the firm's Nonprofit Sector, as well as its Digital and Diversity Practices. She works on senior executive and non-executive roles in the UK public sector. In addition to extensive work with the Financial Conduct Authority, she has worked on board-level searches for many of the UK’s largest NHS Foundation Trusts, as well as on the appointments of the Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care and the Chief Inspector of General Practice at the CQC. Suzanne worked with the British Council on the appointment of its Chief Executive, and led the recruitment of the National Statistician, Chief Executive at the Office for National Statistics. Beyond the UK, she has worked with leading global development organisations including the World Bank, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisations and Save the Children. Suzanne is based in London.

Previous Experience

Prior to joining the firm, Suzanne worked for another leading executive search firm, where she focused on investment banking and life sciences. Before that, Suzanne spent six years in the financial services industry, most recently as an equity derivatives trader at Goldman Sachs and in their private wealth management division. Earlier, she worked in derivatives risk management at Mako Global Derivatives (in London and Sydney) and also at Enron.


Suzanne received her B.A. in natural sciences (physiology) from Cambridge University, and is a C.F.A. charterholder.


非营利组织, 全球发展和环境, 非营利医疗和人道主义服务, 公共部门, 医疗服务, 医疗健康, 数字化领导力, 数字化, 多元化和包容性

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Suzanne Bose-Mallick (née Morrison)