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Kyle Wiginton
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Kyle Wiginton

Kyle Wiginton focuses on serving clients in the Technology and Business and Professional Services Sectors (B&PS) sectors. He is also a member of the Digital Transformation and Digital Healthcare Practices. Kyle advises Fortune 500 organizations on talent and innovation with a particular emphasis on transformative technology. He works with private equity and venture capital firms. He recruits CEOs, presidents, general managers, COOs, CMOs, and practice leaders in public and private companies, and has worked for clients across​ a range of roles in the consulting, services, technology, and healthcare and life sciences industries. He is based in our Atlanta office.

Previous Experience

Kyle has over 10 years of experience as a management consultant, with extensive knowledge in developing and delivering strategic business models, integration planning, and enterprise transformation (people, process, technology) for clients in consumer goods, food and beverage, healthcare, insurance, and banking industries. Prior to joining Russell Reynolds Associates, he spent the past seven years in numerous roles at KPMG, LLP. He was also the project lead for the establishment of a transaction lifecycle and operating model for the diversified business unit of an $8B healthcare provider. In addition to merger integration, Kyle has also worked in strategy development, target operating model design, marketing strategy and cost optimization.


Kyle received his B.S. in economics from the United States Military Academy, West Point and spent five years as a Captain in the U.S. Army.


ヘルスケア, デジタル・ヘルス, ビジネス/プロフェッショナルサービス, マーケティング・オフィサー, テクノロジー・オフィサー, エグゼクティブサーチ, リーダーシップ・アセスメント


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Kyle Wiginton