Culture Assessment

Accurately defining an organization’s culture—and the compatibility of key leaders to that culture—is essential for both organizational performance and the stability and effectiveness of the leadership team. We provide a range of culture assessment services to boards and CEOs to give them the insight they need on issues of culture and cultural compatibility.

The benefits of understanding culture

Our culture assessment specialists give boards and CEOs an unvarnished view of their organization's culture, allowing the organization’s leaders to compare the culture they actually have with the culture their branding, messaging and strategic plan say they have. This process sheds light on issues that might impede performance and the successful achievement of business objectives, and its findings can be incorporated into hiring strategies to better align an organization’s culture with its human capital.

A quantitative culture assessment

Our in-house team of assessment specialists and psychologists has developed a proprietary approach to assessing organizational culture – both current and desired – and evaluating the cultural fit of key leadership and teams. The Culture Analyst™ is an online survey that comprehensively measures organizational culture across more than two dozen variables that determine strategic growth orientation, performance orientation, and other critical factors. The survey produces a measurement of overall culture strength, and survey results can be analyzed according to business units, regions or roles, to identify important differences in how distinct groups within the organization perceive the organization’s culture. 

Clients can apply the results of a culture diagnosis in several ways:

  • The resulting definition of the organization’s current and desired culture can ensure a greater and more accurate common understanding of company culture. 
  • Results can be overlaid against the organization’s desired culture and strategic goals, so that discrepancies can be identified and addressed. 
  • When the process is conducted annually, this diagnosis can serve as a benchmark for the progress of culture change initiatives and overarching performance goals. 

Aligning culture with strategy in succession planning, M&A and other multi-culture integration scenarios

Having a defined, consistent organizational culture in the context of a merger, a private-equity acquisition or change in ownership lends essential clarity and focus during a time of transition. In these cases, our assessment specialists can identify and quantify important differences between combining organizations and their executive teams, aiding the process of integration. The Culture Analyst™ can also be used to create a common vision of the new organization’s desired culture, providing an agreed-upon benchmark to move toward.

A powerful added dimension to the executive recruitment process

More often than not, the success or failure of a newly hired executive to meet expectations depends on the extent to which he or she understands and fits with the organization’s culture. To provide data that can help forecast that fit, an individual version of the Culture Analyst™ can be administered to finalist candidates, measuring their culture preferences. Our assessment specialists then compare the individual preferences with the organizational benchmark and highlight discrepancies and points of cultural alignment. These insights can then be fully incorporated into the candidate evaluation process, and issues identified which need to be addressed during onboarding.